Amit Mohindra

Amit Mohindra is founder and CEO of People Analytics Success, the premier advisory, coaching and education firm in the people analytics space. He applies his engineering background and over 20 years of business and people analytics experience in guiding organizations and individuals toward success in their people analytics initiatives.

Amit has built and led people analytics teams at companies such as Apple and McKesson (both Fortune 10 companies). He began his professional career as a labor economist at The World Bank and has worked in business consulting and corporate HR for organizations such as Goldman Sachs, IBM, Lucent Technologies (now part of Nokia) and Willis Towers Watson. He held global leadership roles in HR, compensation, benefits, talent management, diversity & inclusion, M&A, operations and mobility.

Amit is based in the San Francisco Bay area and travels extensively for client work and speaking engagements.



Domain Expertise



Amit has worked as a professional consultant in economics, executive compensation, human capital management and HR process re-engineering working for leading global consulting organizations. He established his first people analytics team in 1999 and has most recently built the workforce intelligence team at McKesson and the people analytics team at Apple-both from a standing start. Amit is certified in compensation, benefits, HR, human capital strategy and workforce planning. He is a frequent speaker on people analytics, workforce planning, artificial intelligence and the future of work.



Amit has nurtured talent in his teams and beyond throughout his career and has always invited upward coaching for his own development. He has worked with executive coaches at career pivot points. At Apple, Amit led the Executive Coaching and Talent Development teams. Amit has weathered all manner of performance management regimes. He is certified in MBTI Step I and II and Zenger-Folkman Extraordinary LeaderTM. He continues his learning through graduate research on Organizational Change and Leadership at the University of Southern California.



Amit caught the teaching bug during graduate school at Brown University, where he earned a certificate in teaching and taught Economic Development for two years. He has developed and taught a variety of corporate courses at companies he worked for. Amit teaches Introduction to Human Capital Analytics at the UC Berkeley Extension and also developed an online version of the course. He is a frequent guest lecturer for undergraduate, graduate and executive development courses at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Amit is also guest faculty at the PAFOW Academy.