Previous Events



Infusing Analytics into the Business Dialog, The Conference Board's 9th Annual Human Capital Analytics Conference, New York, October 2014

HR and Finance - Partners in Planning, Northern California HR Association (NCHRA) Talent Management Conference, San Francisco, October 2014

Assessments and Analytics, Cornell University Center for Advanced Human Resources (CAHRS) Partners Meeting, Ithaca, October 2014

Reflections on Workforce Analytics at HiQ Labs Corporate Council on Human Capital Analytics, San Francisco, June 2014

“You Complete Me” - HR and Finance Collaboration in Strategic Workforce Planning, Talent Management Alliance's 4th annual Workforce Planning Conference, Las Vegas, June 2014

The Convergence of Workforce Planning and Workforce Analytics, Talent Management Alliance’s Human Capital Analytics Summit, Miami, February 2014

Growing a Workforce Intelligence Capability, Talent Strategy Institute’s Talent Strategy Summit, San Francisco, February 2014


Workforce Planning Delivery Channels, The Conference Board Council on Strategic Workforce Planning, Pittsburgh, June 2013

HR Analytics: Large Data, Not Big Data, Big Data Summit, New York, May 2013

Predictive Workforce Analytics: The Perils and the Promise at the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit in San Diego, February 21-22, 2013.


Making the Most of Human Capital Analytics, Human Capital Institute Executive Conversation, April 2011

From Historical Analytics to Predictive Modeling, Northern California HR Association (NCHRA), Santa Clara, March 2011 - with J. Allan Brown