Start, strengthen and grow your people analytics capability

People analytics is key in harnessing tremendous value locked away in organizations. Is your people analytics team meeting your expectations and heading in the right direction at the right pace? What are the data, technology, team performance and change management  challenges to be overcome? People Analytics Success has deep expertise in the intersection of analytics, HR and technology. We enable you to make the best decisions about people - individuals, teams and organizations. We help select and implement the most suitable people analytics technology for your organization.

Align workforce planning and analytics in partnership with Finance

The promise of workforce planning – foreseeing the future and taking measures to arrive there fully armed with the right talent in the right place with the right skills – is compelling. Yet organizations struggle to align constituencies, gather adequate information, and enact the decisions necessary to achieve the plan–which changes as soon as it is printed. People Analytics Success integrates HR and Finance views into decision-making tools that enable business, finance and HR leaders to construct and deliver on strategic and operational workforce plans. We help select and implement the most suitable workforce planning technology for your business.

Sharpen HR tech product design and sell to enterprise clients

The HR technology market is growing and getting increasingly sophisticated with point solutions that increasingly leverage artificial intelligence. New entrants, whether ERP and suite vendors or start-ups see the tremendous value locked away in organizations and teams. The solutions you design need to be grounded in terms of practical need and sold to the appropriate stakeholders. People Analytics Success’ guidance is based on implementing external technology solutions, building internal platforms and developing long-term HR technology roadmaps.



HR leaders

Leverage people analytics to take your HR organization to the next level

People analytics is a new HR specialty that is transforming and elevating the function. Not every HR leader is steeped in data, statistics and analytics or entirely comfortable in the new digital world and era of artificial intelligence. Build your knowledge, confidence and capabilities through a personalized, confidential People Analytics Success coaching engagement to put you ahead of your peers. 

People Analytics leaders

Overcome people analytics “growing pains” and drive change

The expectations for people analytics are sky high, partly due to rapid progress in some organizations and partly driven by hype. Quick wins are easy, but sustained performance and results are hard to deliver, especially when all stakeholders may not be aligned, data and technology infrastructure are lacking, or resources are scarce. Your technical capabilities might not be enough to drive change at the right pace. People Analytics Success helps your cross the “final mile” to adoption and business impact.

People Analytics practitioners

Advance your career in analytics and HR

Suddenly, everyone is a people analyst. Why not? But the field requires a mixture of rarely combined skills and a nuanced balance of technical and non-technical skills. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and miss opportunities to advance in your career, especially if your management is inexperienced or if performance management and compensation mechanisms are unreliable in recognizing and rewarding talent. Seize control of your career and get early, timely, confidential coaching and guidance from People Analytics Success to accelerate your professional success. Invest in your own human capital now. 



HR Leadership Team

Make the most of your investment in people analytics

Deploy customized, in-person people analytics training for different constituencies. The training accounts for your unique data and technology landscape, organizational culture and business priorities. Each course’s content and approach are focused on specific challenges or initiatives your team is involved with. Courses are developed in collaboration with organizational stakeholders and can be structured as “train-the-trainer” format for scale. Learn from a variety of case studies and the instructor’s experience implementing people analytics over 20+ years.

HR Business Partners

Gain confidence with data and enhance your people analytics acumen 

Attend People Analytics Success™ one- and two-day Master Class workshops (forthcoming) for HR leaders without a technical background who want to adapt to and thrive in the new world of big data, people analytics, digitization and artificial intelligence. The workshops will include introductions to people analytics paradigms, methodologies and tools as well as strategies to introduce people analytics to your organization. Learn from other participants’ experiences. Return to work confident and comfortable with people analytics and its role in shaping the future of work.

People Analytics Leaders

Complement technical training with change management skills

Attend People Analytics Success™ one- and two-day Master Class workshops (forthcoming) for People Analytics leaders who want to take their teams to the next level. The workshops will include proven strategies for developing a growth strategy and roadmap, identifying and influencing stakeholders, winning Finance’s confidence, gaining sustainably buy-in from HR business partners, and much more. Learn from other participants’ experiences. Return to work with a winning strategy, executable plan, and a network of supportive peers to lean on going forward.