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RST Forum, Beijing


People Analytics, AI and the Future of Work

The Human Resources (HR) function was gently awakened from a peaceful slumber by the emergence of people analytics and has now been jolted upright by the rapid advent of artificial intelligence (AI). Based on the growth of people analytics teams and burgeoning literature of results, people analytics has arguably ridden the hype cycle: it has crossed the peak of inflated expectations, risen from the trough of disillusionment and is happily riding the slope of enlightenment with only the threat of the HR function's own resistance to change and data privacy constraints threatening to condemn it to a plateau of productivity. The application of AI in people analytics has followed the same trajectory, but at a velocity modulated more heavily by ethical considerations; data privacy legislation; technical innovation; use case success; and individuals' and societies' comfort with personal data, communication and activity being mined for ostensibly beneficial purposes. Hear a people analytics pioneer and founder of Apple's people analytics team reflect on the field's recent history and current landscape; its impact on HR, business and society; and the range of possible futures. With this rich perspective, learn how to grow your people analytics team; make the right investments; and forge the right roadmap to secure the best HR/AI-fueled business outcomes for your organization.

  • Learn from history: hear a pioneer's rich perspective on the emergence of people analytics and its application of AI

  • Be empowered: see through the buzzwords and hype so that AI is no longer a "black box" and you can confidently call the shots over vendors

  • Focus your efforts: understand which AI-based approaches and technologies for HR have been successful

  • Prepare your organization: shape your people analytics initiatives to win the war for talent through competitive advantage in people

Photo courtesy GMI Summit.

Earlier Event: November 5
RST Forum, Shanghai