Students' Favorite People Analytics Posts

We are in the third week of my on-line Intro to Human Capital Analytics course at the UC Berkeley Extension (UCBX) program's Spring semester.

The students hail from many different backgrounds and geographies. Some have HR experience while others are seeking to work in HR at some point. The course is a requirement for HR Certification in the Business program. Kudos to UCBX for requiring a course in analytics for certification in HR.

The latest homework assignment is to select a people analytics article or post and explain why its message is compelling and resonates with what we have learned in the class so far: the value of measuring and analyzing human capital; some basic analytical foundations; and "big data" in human capital analytics.

I thought it would be refreshing to share what the students selected - what seized the attention of working professionals who have by-and-large just been introduced to the field of people analytics.

Here are the articles that the students chose, in no particular order. Some familiar names but also some new ones and a wholesome list, to be sure. 

In the remaining five weeks of the course we will be exploring analytical methodologies and research tools (two weeks!); aligning human capital metrics to organizational strategy; key management indicators; and analytics in action.

Hopefully you will soon see a public post by one of the students!

Amit Mohindra